Miami Dade and Broward Property Management Company, Sharpe Properties, Uses Technology to Teach Business Basics

December 18, 2010


The Small Business Association estimates that only 7 out of 10 new businesses last at least 2 years, and half survive 5 years. For Sharpe Properties, a Miami Dade and Broward Property Management Company, these statistics confirm that properly structuring a business from the beginning is essential to success.

Catering to Businesses in Both English And Spanish

With over 60 years experience running a full-service real estate company, Sharpe Properties found that while most small business owners can run a business, they don’t necessarily understand what’s needed to start it. To bridge the gap and assist business owners in saving time and money, Sharpe Properties enhanced their website,, to serve as a portal for entrepreneurs looking to obtain key information on what is needed to start a business, including proper licensing and beyond. The same information can be found in Spanish at, with links to the Spanish versions of the governmental websites, if available.

Website Used as a Tool For Small Business

“To run a successful business, a proper foundation is vital,” said Mason Sharpe, Vice President of Sharpe Properties. “Knowledge and business experience are important, but if the business owner doesn’t obtain the appropriate licenses and documentation ahead of time, the government could shut down their business with little or no notice. Our website is a tool they can use to obtain information in one place, rather than spending their time calling and driving all around town.”

Via their website, Sharpe Properties has pared down start-up information to offer step-by-step instructions on how to obtain a Certificate of Use and Occupancy, and how to obtain a Business Tax Receipt, also called an Occupational License. Their website,, lists relevant contact information and provides direct links to the actual forms and applications needed by each agency. Sharpe’s easy-to-follow steps are designed to streamline the paperwork process and alleviate the need for business owners to run back and forth between City and County offices.

“Information leads to efficiency,” Sharpe continues. “Our goal is to simplify the permit and licensing process so that business owners can quickly focus their attention on opening and running their business.”

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