City of Hollywood Zoning District Along US 441 / State Road 7

March 2, 2011

City of Hollywood Zoning District Along US 441 / State Road 7

The City of Hollywood in Broward County has created restrictive zoning districts along US 441 and State Road 7 intended to provide standards for development and to be complimentary to the Seminole Indian Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.  As a result, anyone planning to open a business in a retail shopping center along US 441 (State Road 7) in the City of Hollywood, needs to first review the zoning requirements before signing a lease or purchasing the property.

The following chart represents the Resort/Commercial zoning along US 441 (State Road 7), inclusive of Griffin Road, Stirling Road, Sheridan Street, and Hollywood Boulevard.

§ 4.20 US 441/State Road 7 Commercial Corridor District

A.     SR 7 CCD Resort Commercial Sub-Area.
1.     Purposes and uses.

District/Sub-Area Purposes Main Permitted Uses Special Exception Accessory Uses Prohibited Uses
This sub-area is intended to provide standards for development located from the Dania Canal cut-off to the northern portion of the Seminole Reservation Development in this sub-area is intended to be complimentary to the Seminole Resort Casino. Adult educational facilities 

Amusement uses (indoor)

Apts on the second floor and above*

Art studio



Car rentals

Commercial marinas, except dry dock facilities

Copy center

Day spas

Department stores

Dinner theatres

Financial institutions

Formal rental wear

Golf courses, driving range

Hotels and motels

Jewelry stores

Nautical chandlery


Offices (corporate)

Personal services


Photo studios

Places of worship, meeting halls and fraternal lodges

Schools, commercial/ business, recreational or cultural

*Cannot exceed 50% of the total floor area of the building

Commercial amusements (outdoor) 

Day care facilities

Parking establishments


Any use not listed as a Main Permitted Use or Special Exception. 

Assembly of pre- manufactured parts for sale on the premises.  (See §4.21h)

Automotive sales (new, used or repair)


Funeral homes


Psychic help uses

Thrift shops

Self-storage facilities

Wholesale and warehousing


Grandfather Rights Along US 441 / State Road 7

At the time of passing the rezoning, the City of Hollywood was under the presumption that the opening of the Seminole Indian Hard Rock Hotel and Casino would stimulate redevelopment along US 441 / State Road 7.  While this has yet to be proven in the long-run, the rezoning laws have actually given “prohibited businesses” a reason to stay and remain along US 441 / State Road 7.

Currently “prohibited businesses” that were open prior to the rezoning are able to remain along US 441 / State Road 7 by invoking their Grandfather Rights.  Because no other businesses with similar uses are able to open up at new locations, the “prohibited businesses” are able to assure themselves that no new business can open up nearby to compete with them.  Consequently, because a new business can only open up along US 441 / State Road 7 by purchasing or taking over an existing “prohibited business” location, such existing locations can sell at a significant premium in value.

Change Will Come Along US 441 / State Road 7

Although the “prohibited businesses” have been able to remain for several years along US 441 / State Road 7 due to their Grandfather Rights, there are several factors that can overcome the Grandfather Rights and no longer allow such businesses to remain.

Property Taxes

If and when the area begins to attract redevelopment along US 441 / State Road 7, the property values and corresponding property taxes of such redeveloped areas and nearby locations could increase dramatically.  Consequently, “prohibited businesses” may no longer be able to afford their pro-rated share of property taxes and or base rent.

Hurricanes and Fires

In order for “prohibited businesses” to remain by enforcing their Grandfather Rights, they need to remain open as an on-going business.  If and when a hurricane, fire, flood, or other natural disaster shuts a business down along US 441 / State Road 7 for a significant period of time, their Grandfather Rights would be extinguished.

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