Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Company Logo With Front-Lit LED Channel Letters

New Signage at the Miller Heights Shopping Center
New LED channel letter tenant signage is currently being installed at the Miller Heights Shopping Center, located at 9375 SW 56th Street, Miami, Florida 33165.  In addition to the tenants receiving LED reverse channel letter signage for each of their retail storefronts, the logo of the shopping center's property management company was also installed.
Green and blue logo with front-lit LED channel letters

As shown within the attached photo, Sharpe Properties hired the services of Art Sign Company to install its S-shaped logo along the East Tower of the retail shopping center.  The company logo signage is an LED front-lit channel letter sign in both green and blue.

At night, the top portions for each of the two towers at the Miller Heights Shopping Center (just below the green metal roofs) will have blue LED lights that will cover the entire wall area, on all three visible sides of the tower. To prevent the Sharpe Properties logo from blocking the spectrum of the blue LED lights, the logo sign was spaced out several inches from the wall.  By doing so, the blue LED lights will be able to run from the bottom all the up to the top of the tower (under the green metal roof) without the intensity of the blue LED being diminished.

Optical Illusion
Although Sharpe Properties hired the sign company to install the S-shaped logo, there is no actual sign made that is in the shape of a "S".  Rather, the actual "S" for Sharpe Properties runs in between both the blue and green channel letter signs.  These optical illusion effect is intended to create attention and conversation from the people that drive along Miller Road and visit the Miller Heights Shopping Center.

About the Property Management Company
To learn more about Sharpe Properties, and how they handle commercial property management for all retail and industrial warehouse properties throughout Miami-Dade and Broward County, please visit

About the Miller Heights Shopping Center
The Miller Heights Shopping Center is a neighborhood retail shopping center along busy Miller Drive (a/k/a Miller Road) in Miami, Florida.  The shopping center is almost finished with a multi-million dollar renovation project which involved major upgrades to the building's roof, storefront facade, and parking lot.  As a result of these renovations, the shopping center is upgrading its tenant-mix by attracting national retail tenants.  For more information about the Miller Heights Shopping Center, please visit

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