Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Energy Efficient Roofing System Makeover

Roofing Systems Do Not Last Forever
The roof at the Miller Heights Shopping Center lived a very long life, and weathered several hurricanes and fire damage throughout its usefulness. Although the life of a commercial-grade roof typically exceeds those of residential roofs, the estimated life expectancy of the roof at the Miller Heights Shopping Center was quickly coming to its end.

In early 2012, Sharpe Properties, as the property management company, decided it was time to give the Miller Heights Shopping Center a major makeover, which included a roof replacement and significant upgrades and changes to the building's facade and parking lot.

Your Roof Will Love You Back
shopping center shows its love of a new roof
Heart-shaped tar paper appears along the
rear side of the shopping center's mansard
To startup the makeover process, the shopping center ripped off the old roofing system, including a significant amount of the decking.  Once the new roofing system was in place, tar paper was installed throughout the flat roof as well as the back part of the building's mansard.  As you can see from the photo shown, the tar paper running along the real portion of the building's mansard mysteriously developed a lovely heart for all to see.

Regardless of whether the heart appeared naturally or not, many are loving the new roof.  Each tenant at the shopping center no longer has to worry about or deal with roof leaks.  Sharpe Properties, as the retail center's property management company, no longer has to fear the rainy season.

Additional Benefits of Upgrading Commercial Roofs
The costs involved with replacing a commercial roofing system can be expensive, giving the local economy and construction industry a much needed boost.  However, over the long-run, it will also lower utility bills at the shopping center.  During the process of removing the old roof, and installing a new and improved commercial-grade roofing system, significant amounts of insulation were added underneath the roofing system.  With the extra amount of insulation added to the commercial property, each of the tenants' air conditioning units will become more energy efficient.  Consequently, during the long hot Summer season in South Florida, many of the tenants will experience reductions in their electric bills. 

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