Thursday, July 19, 2012

Facade Renovation Update: Miller Heights Shopping Center

Major Facade Renovation at the Miller Heights Shopping Center
Early February, 2012, Sharpe Properties commenced significant facade renovations to the Miller Heights Shopping Center, located at 9375 SW 56th Street (Miller Drive), Miami, Florida 33165.  This was the first major facade renovation construction project to the South Florida shopping center since it was built in 1965.

Here is a picture of the retail shopping center before the facade renovation construction project started:

retail shopping center
Pre-renovation picture taken November, 2011
Facade Upgrades and Improvements
The upgrades and improvements to the shopping center's facade consisting of many things such as:

  • Elevated storefront signage area for tenants
  • Upgraded hurricane-impact storefront windows
  • Addition of two large towers for added signage and visibility
  • Reverse channel-letter signage
  • Brand new heavily insulated roof system
  • Upgraded electrical and plumbing

Current Status of Renovation Project
With the help of BRV Construction and Azze Architecture, Sharpe Properties is nearing the final stages of the Miller Heights Shopping Center's facade renovation construction project.

facade renovation to retail shopping center
picture of shopping center taken July 18, 2012
As illustrated within the picture above, the entire facade has been elevated, the two large tower structures have been built, and they have just started to paint the building.  Once the painting is finished, the tops of the towers will be installed, and a patina green colored metal roof will be placed throughout the facade and on top of the towers.

Second Phase: Landscape and Parking Lot Renovations
Now that construction on the facade renovations are almost finished, the shopping center is about to start construction on their second phase of the renovation project...landscape and parking lot renovations.

The parking lot renovations at the Miller Heights Shopping Center will include:

  • Addition of more parking spaces
  • Angle parking with now be straight head-in parking
  • Traffic will flow from both directions
  • Addition of lighting throughout parking lot and building
  • Lush landscaping throughout the property

Tenant Mix
Sharpe Properties is looking to upgrade its tenant-mix and quality of tenants at their South Florida retail shopping center.  While many of their mom-and-pop type tenants are expected remain, Sharpe Properties has already received interest from several national tenants, and expects many others will want to move into their shopping center once renovations to the facade and parking lot are complete.

Locations Available For Lease 
If any tenants (mom-and-pop or national tenants) would like more information on locations within the shopping center to lease now or in the near future, please call the property management office of Sharpe Properties 305-693-3500 or visit us at 

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