Thursday, June 7, 2012

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Google Transit helps Sharpe Properties

Miami-Dade County's Metrorail
Through the use of the internet and GPS devices, it is very easy to obtain driving directions to just about anywhere.  But what about people that are highly dependent on public transportation?  How can they find the best method of getting from Point A to Point B using public transportation.  Fortunately, Google has worked to answer this need by developing Google Transit.

Sharpe Properties manages commercial properties throughout Miami-Dade and Broward Counties (South Florida), consisting of retail shopping centers and industrial warehouses.  While most, if not all of the tenants that lease space through Sharpe Properties have their own private source of transportation, Google Transit can provide a big benefit to a significant other segment of the South Florida population.

Retail Shopping Centers
Before a tenant decides to open up a restaurant, shop, medical, or professional office in one of Sharpe Properties' retail strip centers in either Miami-Dade or Broward County, they typically need to evaluate where their client base is, and whether they will be able to find a way to the shopping center.  While a large group of customers, patrons, and patients drive their own personal vehicles to the shopping centers, a significant customer base requires the use of South Florida's public transportation systems to visit and shop at the shopping centers.

Especially for stores and businesses that cater to the poor, unemployed, or blue-collar workers, finding shopping centers with nearby bus stops and/or metrorail stations is an important factor.  As such, Sharpe Properties is now able to utilize Google Transit to show potential tenants how easy it is for their customer base dependent on public transportation to easily find a way to make it to their store or business.

Industrial Warehouses
For the industrial warehouse locations Sharpe Properties manages in the South Florida area, tenants that operate manufacturing plants, distribution facilities, or other industrial-type operation, the business owner needs to evaluate how their employees can obtain transportation.

Many of Sharpe Properties' industrial warehouse properties are located within the City of Hialeah.  A key reason why many businesses in the wholesale industry prefer to locate in the City of Hialeah, is the abundance of blue collar workers.  However, many of these workers do not have their own source of private transportation.

Realizing the need for public transportation, the City of Hialeah and Miami-Dade County has numerous bus stops throughout the industrial and wholesale business neighborhoods of Hialeah.  Moreover, the City of Hialeah has several Metrorail stations as well as a Tri-rail train station in strategically important and industrially intensive neighborhoods.

Tenants leasing industrial warehouse locations managed by Sharpe Properties in the City of Hialeah are now able to utilize Google Transit to determine if and how their employees can use public transportation to attend work throughout the year.

About Author:
Mason Sharpe
Mason Sharpe, Esq. is General Counsel, and Vice President of property management and leasing with Sharpe Properties, a commercial real estate property management company headquartered in Hialeah, Florida, managing retail and industrial warehouse properties in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.