Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What's Signage Worth to Disney and Starbucks?

Can you tell the difference between coffee from Starbucks, McDonalds, or Dunkin Donuts without recognizing the name or logo on the company's storefront signage? While each of the above companies may think their coffee is better than the competition, they all spend a ton of money on marketing and advertising to promote their brand and identity.

starbucks logo
How successful would Starbucks be if they could not have their company logo displayed outside each and every store they opened? Could Starbucks still markup the price of their coffee if no one knew they were drinking Starbuck's coffee?  We will soon find out.

The Power of Walt Disney

Many people visit Walt Disney for the fun and excitement of discovering Hidden Mickey's. However, that is not the only thing hidden throughout Disney Parks.

Hidden McDonalds

Similar to Starbucks, the fast-food giant McDonalds rely's heavily on its brand identity.  When driving down any street in America, or even the world, one would expect to see McDonald's famously recognized Golden Arches along a store's pylon sign, or on their storefront.

This is true all across the world...except in Disney World; where magical pixie dust can wipe away most company's desire to have their company brand, logo, or image displayed along their storefront windows.

McDonalds has had stores throughout Disney Parks for many years now, but similar to Hidden Mickey's, the famous Golden Arches are mysteriously gone.  See photos below

Mcdonalds in Disney World
Mcdonalds in Disney World

Mcdonalds in Epcot
Mcdonalds in Epcot

Mcdonalds in Animal Kingdom
Mcdonalds in Animal Kingdom

McDonalds Menu in Disney Parks
McDonalds Menu in Disney Parks

Starbuck's Storefront Signage in Disney World

Starbucks recently announced on Monday that they have entered into a partnership with Disney World to open a retail store inside each of the six (6) Disney theme parks located in California and Florida.  From this partnership, both companies can benefit:

Benefits for Starbucks:

  • Prime real estate for retail store
  • Limited competition from competitors such as Dunkin Donuts
  • Large customer base

Benefits for Disney World:

  • Guests can go straight to Disney Parks without stopping off at other locations for breakfast
  • Improved quality of coffee at the Disney Parks   

At Disneyland California, Starbuck's will open up stores under the name of Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical Cafe, after the characters in the Three Little Pigs.

Although the Starbucks logo will not be displayed along their storefront, the Starbuck's name will be listed vertically on storefront posts on both sides of the coffee store entrances.

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