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Using Social Interaction in SEO to Gain Leads

The world of business is changing. With the use of social media, SEO strategies and online advertising campaigns, many companies are seeing the benefit of marketing online. Even colleges have seen the advantages of teaching SEO and marketing in their business courses.

In real estate, social media and SEO can generate leads for property sales, renting and commercial office space. With proper social interaction, real estate owners and property managers can find renters and buyers easily. For those who are new to social media and SEO, learning the right strategy is extremely important for successful lead generation. Below are a few ways proper planning can yield high results within social media and SEO.


Social Media and Social Interaction:

As of late, social media and social interaction has increased in importance for those reaching out in their market. Google has placed an emphasis on the use of social media in their analytics. Those sites with a heavy social interaction are now reaping the rewards with increased traffic, better placement in search results and higher conversion rates among site visitors.

In real estate, social interaction on your site is important. By creating rapport with your visitors, you can spark interest in your properties. This turns each visitor into a prospective renter or buyer. Below are 5 common ways to create social interaction and improve SEO for your site.
  • Blog: By creating a blog section on your site, you create an outlet for reaching out to your visitors. This generates the possibility of visitor comments while building your credibility in your market.
  • Social Plugins: By adding social plugins to your site, your readers have the ability to "Like" or Tweet your content. This creates social interaction as well as credibility as your traffic is able to see the interaction from other visitors.
  • Relevant Content: In SEO relevant content is required. By keeping the content of your site relevant to your market and target audience you build credibility and social interaction that will assist in converting your traffic.
  • Guest Posting: Link building is a large part of SEO. Both inbound and outbound links are imperative to increasing page rank and increasing traffic. By allowing guest posting as well as guest posting yourself, you can generate more traffic and leads.
  • Using Proper Keywords: Many sites fail simply because of their keyword choices. In SEO it is important to use proper keywords for your business. Keywords should reflect what you want your site known for. For real estate this can include "real estate", "rentals", "office space", etc.

Utilizing Social Networks:

Social networks have become a business tool with limitless possibilities in lead generation. With millions of members using Facebook and Twitter, you have the ability to reach potential clients with minimal effort. However, there are right ways and wrong ways to use social networks when you are attempting to generate leads. Below are a few of the right ways to use social networks.
  • Post Often: One of the biggest mistakes made by companies in social networking is the lack of updates and posts. By posting new updates frequently, you will hold the attention of your followers.
  • Be Personable: Even though your social network page is meant to generate leads, you still need to remain personable in order to engage your followers and sustain credibility. Many businesses lack the needed interaction which results in a lack of interest with social network users.
  • Create Interesting Posts: Nobody will comment on a boring subject. In real estate you can offer posts on a wide range of subjects that will offer your followers a chance to comment, "Like" or re-Tweet your post. This will help get your page out to more users and generate more leads.
  • Keep advertising to a Minimum: There is nothing wrong with advertising your office, however over advertising on social networks can harm your chances for generating leads. Most users will delete "Friends" that have nothing to say other than their latest property for rent.
  • Reply to Comments: Receiving comments on your posts is the reason you post on social networks. This shows interest in you and your office as well as builds credibility. Replying to comments however is just as important. This will create a conversation between you and your followers, build higher credibility, and personalize your social page.
The commercial real estate market is competitive. With proper SEO and social interaction, you can create more leads and get your foot in the door. It is important to properly maintain your SEO strategies, utilize social networks, and use all the available outlets for reaching out to prospective clients.

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This Guest Post was authored by Charles Latch, a business advisor earning his mba online executive degree to learn up-to-date business management and marketing strategies.

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