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Top 5 Ways To Make Your Website User-Friendly

Top 5 Ways To Turn Visitors Into Sales

One of our recent posts examined ways to drive potential customers to your website using Search Engine Optimization (SEO); and by following those simple tips, you should soon see a spike in your traffic statistics.

After attracting visitors to your website, the next stage, as in any retail platform, is turning visitors into sales. In other words, turning "potential" customers into "actual" customers. Today we’re going to look into five ways in which this can be achieved.

Hey, Good Looking

Brownstone commercial propertyYour website needs to look its best at all times. You never know when a visitor will come calling...or visiting your website. Dress your content up with relevant pictures and graphics.  Even include a video if it fits. Be careful not to overdo it though.  Since it's a website, not a work of art, avoid masses of garish color in favor of a color scheme that is easier on the eye. The key here is to find the right balance between style and ease of use.

Make It Quick

The average web user only spends a few seconds looking at a page before moving on. If your pages take ages to load, then you might reach the end of your visitors’ attention span before you get the chance to dazzle them. There are numerous ways to speed up your pages, and you can start by not overusing pictures or videos, and by breaking up content... where possible.
JPEGmini has a website where you can upload any jpeg photo, and it will automatically reduce the photo's file size...without diminishing the photo's quality.

The Three C’s – Content, Content, Content

Content is the key to turning visitors into customers. If you are property lawyers, for example, then your content should include details of your commercial property services, and your expertise in conveyancing. Make it short, make it interesting - but above all, make it relevant!

Bring Out Your Dead (Links)

You should check and double check all of your links. There is a link at the top of this post; say you clicked it and it took you a dead end. Would you come back? It makes your website, and by extension your company, look unprofessional if you have dead links on your website.

Google search for a dead link checker, and you will find many websites than can provide this service free of charge.

Make It Easy To Say Yes

You never know when the customer is going to bite, so make sure that it's as easy as possible for them to find your contact and sales details. If they have to hunt around, they may change their mind. Easy to use navigation menus and search facilities are great for this.

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