Monday, April 30, 2012

Commercial Properties in South Florida

Commercial Properties

The best way of explaining what commercial properties are, is to define what they are not.  Commercial properties consist of any form of real estate other than residential or land.  Commercial property is primarily used as an investment vehicle, where a Landlord and Tenant relationship is established, and the Landlord or Property Owner is able to generate income from leasing the commercial property. Owners of commercial property may prefer to sell the commercial property shortly after purchasing the real estate (called "flipping"), or they may keep the property for long-term investment.

Property Management

Many people purchase real estate strictly as a financial investment, and little to no knowledge of how to manage commercial property.  When this happens, the property owner typically hires a commercial property management company to not only manage the commercial real estate, but provide maintenance and leasing services as well.

Types of Commercial Property

The classification of commercial property can be divided into the following property groups:
  • Retail
  • Industrial Warehouse
  • Office
  • Apartment
Here is some information on the top two types of commercial property:

Commercial Property Type: Retail
retail shopping center
Retail shopping center
Retail properties can range from small strip centers to inclosed shopping centers to outdoor retail outlet malls.  Tenants at retail commercial properties typically are responsible for paying not only base rent and sales tax, but responsible for paying their pro-rated share of the property owner's operating expenses (under a NNN lease a/k/a triple-net lease)

Commercial Property Type: Industrial Warehouse
industrial warehouse
Industrial Warehouse
Industrial warehouse properties can range from small self-storage lockers to single-bay warehouse to multi-bay industrial warehouse facilities.  Industrial warehouse properties can also provide special features such as:
  1. Dock height
  2. Garage doors
  3. Air-condition
  4. Three (3) Phase Electric

Commercial Property Available For Lease

Sharpe Properties, which provides property management, maintenance, and leasing of commercial properties throughout the South Florida area, has several commercial properties in both Miami-Dade and Broward County, consisting primarily of retail strip centers and industrial warehouse properties.

If you find a commercial property available for lease by Sharpe Properties, whether it is retail or an industrial warehouse, please either call the commercial property management office (305) 693-3500 or send an email to

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