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6 Business Costs to Keep an Eye on as You Grow

If your business is successful, it will grow and reach even more customers, earning more money in the process. Because there is also a real potential for costs to rise, it makes sense to ensure you keep an eye on as many as possible.

Here are six areas where costs have a habit of rising considerably if you don’t watch them closely.

Rental of business premises

You need to know your business premises are a cost effective solution for you to run your business. You may need to move to bigger premises in the future, but these will cost you more to rent each month. Make sure you don’t move beyond the ideal size for your business, otherwise you will spend more than you have to.

This can be a tricky decision of course, the key is to find a premises which gives you the right amount of growing room, but without wasting too much on rent. Remember that moving a business can be costly too. A good commercial real estate agent should be able to advise on what your options are. Even if you are not planning to move immediately it is worth having a rough plan.

Internet access

When you start a business you may only need a small plan to give you the access and website hosting you require. But if your business grows, the same plan may not be suitable anymore. Make sure you compare deals on a regular basis and find a provider that is better able to cope with larger businesses. Even if your current deal is scalable, i.e. it can grow with you, it doesn’t mean you will get the best deal.

Staff time

As you grow you will inevitably need more members of staff, and with that comes a management cost. It is easy mistake inefficiency as a signal that you need to hire and if left unchecked you can easily end up with under utilized staffs and high wage bills.

Every time you decide to hire a new member of staff, first have a good look at your business processes and ask yourself “If I wasn’t allowed another member of staff, how would I cope?”

Transaction costs

As you grow you will naturally change your scope of customers – you will probably be taking more payments and you might well also start doing a lot more overseas business.

If you make a lot of income from exporting your goods or services you need to watch the foreign exchange rates carefully to ensure that small movements don’t erode your margins. When you are busy growing a business it is hard to find time for this.

Of course terrestrial transaction costs, such as payment processing are a cost that can escalate too. As you grow it is important that you periodically review these costs and renegotiate as needed – remember, the bigger you get the more bargaining power you have.

Waste costs

Whatever you get rid of in terms of waste, you need to ensure the costs don’t spiral out of control. Look for the most cost effective waste services you can, whether that is skip hire, recycling or anything else.

The cost of power supplies

Every business needs electricity at the very least. When you start your small business from your kitchen table, you won’t need to worry about finding a good business deal. But once you move into proper business premises it will pay to find a great deal on energy supplies that is put together specially for businesses. Get the best deal you can and don’t be afraid to search elsewhere regularly, just as you will do for internet access.


Every business has overhead costs that keep it running. But even these costs are not set in stone. Make sure you keep an eye on every cent you spend on your business costs otherwise you won’t know when you are overspending and losing profits because of it. With practice this will become easier to do.

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