Wednesday, April 18, 2012

5 Essential iPhone Apps for Managing a Rental Property Portfolio

Apple’s iPhone can help keep you organised and productive in so many ways. This includes your professional life. If you are a landlord or property manager, you can easily keep on top of your job in managing a rental property and portfolio with some great apps you can download from the iTunes App Store. These very useful apps are excellent to have right at your fingertips on your iPhone.

Real Estate Genie:

Real Estate Genie is $1.99 on the App Store and is a well rounded tool that helps you to make all the most important real estate decisions. There are mortgage calculators built within the app, a tool for capital gain analysis and other additional features.

Rental Manager:

Rental Manager is another app that costs $1.99 at the App Store and is excellent for any landlord or property manager to have at hand on his or her iPhone. It gives you a simple way to manage your rental property and provides information on rental rates. You can also view a graph that details the rental property’s capital rate gain and trends. The app features an easy to use and comprehensive interface and a design that was created by experts in the real estate field.


RentNotices is a free app that serves as an online rent court agent. It enables you to handle a process of filing a claim against a tenant who has defaulted on their rent without having to spend your precious time in a court to collect a judgment. It is a great app that helps you to save time, energy and money in filing your rent notices and should be in every rental property manager’s iPhone.


RentWorks is a great app that all rental property managers and landlords can find useful. It costs $1.99 at the App Store and is a tool that makes it highly convenient to track all of your rental properties, whether you have two or 20. Within the app you can view information about the rent history for each property as well as the renters who reside at each. There is a great rental property income tracker and calculator built within the app as well. Overall, RentWorks can make the life of any landlord or rental property manager far easier. You will appreciate having it right at your fingertips on your iPhone.

Real Estate Dictionary:

Real Estate Dictionary is a great app that is useful for anyone who is interested in real estate or getting into the field in any capacity. This includes rental property managers and landlords. For 99 cents, you can have this app on your iPhone and familiarise yourself with all the necessary real estate lingo. There is a search engine built within it and you can save all the terminology you want to remember.

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