Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3 Ways SEO Can Help Draw in Potential Tenants

Search engine optimization skills are great skills to have.  Between marketing for your own handmade crafts to marketing for your local business, there are plenty of ways to use SEO to your own advantage. Now, if you’re looking to draw in potential tenants for your rental properties, here are three ways you can do so:

Market city

residential home rental property
Whether you own five different rental properties in the same area or a whole apartment complex, you can benefit from being able to market the city they’re located in.  For example, if you own condos in Dallas, Texas, you could work on boosting your keywords for terms such as Dallas, Texas rental properties or rental properties in Dallas.  When you can reach out to a whole city, you’re able to reach out to everyone that is interested in living there.

Future tenants

Tenants usually sign a lease for a certain period of time, but it’s not uncommon for them to break out of it due to a job opportunity or because they aren’t able to make the payments to live there.  Since we can’t predict the future, it’s always nice to have a list of people we can use for backup or the next opening.  By marketing for a local city, you can take names of people and put them on a waiting list if there is a high demand for your rental properties.  You can come up with an e-mail system that allows potential tenants to e-mail you when they’re interested in a property.  They can then decide on when they’d like to move in and find information in order to answer their curiosity. Knowing you have some people for backup is a great feeling and can also help you avoid long and costly periods of time without tenants.

Free advertising

The Internet has to be one of the best ways to market for things; if not the best. With all the different websites like Craigslist and rental property sites out there, SEO is a great way to advertise even more extensively.  SEO offers you the opportunity to find keywords that are highly searched and allows you to market for them at no cost.  By creating a website and advertising for it, you can avoid all the costly newspaper ads and realtor fees that realtors would charge you to find tenants. As you can see, knowing how to market a website can be very beneficial.  Since finding trustworthy and responsible tenants can be difficult to do, it’s helpful to increase our list of potential tenants to choose from.

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