Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Turnkey Coin Laundry Space Now Available

Turnkey Coin Laundry Space Now Available

Property Name: Sharpe - 165th Street Shopping Center

Space Available: 1570 N.E. 165th Street, North Miami Beach, FL

Approx. Size: 3,000 SF

Monthly Base Rent: $3,750

Estimated Store Value: $300,000

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Sharpe - 165th Street Shopping Center

Fully operational Coin Laundry includes:

  • High-End Commercial-Grade Maytag Washers & Dryers
  • Cashless Laundry with Electronic Card Operated Machines
  • EcoLab Ecobrite Liquid Laundry System

  • Contact Sharpe Properties today to schedule a time to view the location

    More Information

    For more information:
    Call: (305) 693-3500


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    Wednesday, October 19, 2011

    Evictions Gone Bad!

    Not Your Typical Eviction

    A caravan in flames during a Dale Farm eviction,
    October 19, 2011 (Photo: Oli Scarff / Getty Images)
    The typical residential or commercial eviction process in South Florida takes around one to two months.  In rare occurrences, evictions could take up to one year.  However, near the British town of Basildon in Essex County, east of London, England, it took the Basildon Council ten (10) years to evict nearly 400 residents of Dale Farm.

    Locally, when a landlord obtains a Writ of Possession to evict a tenant residing in Miami Dade or Broward County (South Florida), the local Sheriff's Office usually sends one of two officers to handle the eviction.  However, the government near London, England called upon some 50 riot police officers, cherry picker machines, cranes, and diggers in order to execute on the eviction.

    Numerous news stations and reports were on hand to witness the riot police use helmets, shields, stun guns and axes, in order to accomplish their goal of removing the residents and protesters from Dale Farm.

    With all of the protesters and residents putting up a strong fight with the governmental officials and police, one can only imagine what it would be like to be a part of the commercial property management office that had to deal with the tenants on a daily basis.

    Tuesday, October 11, 2011

    Industrial Warehouse Vacancies Filling Up in South Florida

    Industrial Warehouse Vacancies Filling Up in South Florida

    Sharpe Properties, which manages commercial retail and industrial warehouse properties throughout South Florida, has slowly seen improvement with the vacancy rates in Miami Dade County, specifically the Hialeah industrial area.  Although the rental rates on a per square foot basis have dropped dramatically over the past several years, demand for industrial warehouse space has picked up.

    The industrial warehouse market typically lags behind the residential home market.  For example, when the news started reporting that the residential home market was in a downward spiral, the South Florida industrial market was still strong.  However, while the industrial market eventually plummeted, the industrial warehouse market appears to be recovering quicker in time than expected.  There are various reasons for why this has happened.


    Lack of Industrial Warehouse Zoning

    Homes can be built almost anywhere.  Developers can find and convert swap land into a vibrant residential community seemingly overnight.  However, because industrial warehouses typically need to be near airports, seaports, railroads; and restricted by various environmental concerns, locations are inherently limited.  Consequently, during the big real estate boom several years ago, the industrial market did not increase at the same rate as the residential market.


    Industrial Warehouse Supply vs. Demand

    While the demand for residential and industrial markets are both slowly recovering, the limited supply of available industrial properties is providing for a faster recovery.   In contrast to the industrial warehouse market that has remained relatively the same size over the recent years, so long as the South Florida residential market is filled with an over-abundance of vacant homes and condos, their recovery will remain prolonged.


    Foreclosure Rates: Commercial vs. Residential

    When the residential home market in South Florida began to tumble, the banking industry was quick to commence foreclosure proceedings.  Once the banks retook possession of their assets, the foreclosed homes just sat and remained vacant for months...if not years without finding a home buyer.  For commercial investment properties, the banking industry is apparently reluctant to foreclose and take over the properties.  One reason could be due to the added responsibilities banks would take on once they took possession of the commercial properties.  While banks can easily sit on doormat homes and condos, and wait for the residential market to rebound, commercial properties require constant management and attention.  Otherwise, tenants would quickly vacate their premises, and the income producing property's value would rapidly spiral downward.  Because banks are not set up to properly manage commercial properties, they may have realized that it is best to keep the properties under the management of the property owner, and instead just pretend and extend their mortgages.


    Industrial Warehouse Recovery

    So long as the demand for industrial warehouse property increases and the supply remains stagnant throughout South Florida, the recovery will continue.  With the recovery of the industrial market, and confidence of business owners to expand, Sharpe Properties expects rental rates on a dollar per square foot to start increasing by the end of this year.

    Monday, October 10, 2011

    Miami Dade County Storm Surge Simulator

    Are You Prepared For A Storm Surge?

    Storm surge is the greatest threat to life and commercial property from a hurricane. It occurs when water from the ocean is pushed toward the shore by the force of the winds swirling around a hurricane.

    For properties in Miami-Dade County, the threat of storm surge represents a serious hazard to our coastal communities and the southern half of Miami-Dade County. Storm surge is the primary reason why Miami-Dade residents are asked to evacuate prior to a hurricane event. However, there are other factors involved in a hurricane evacuation order so always follow the protective actions issued by emergency officials.

    Because more than a half a million people are within one of Miami-Dade County's three Hurricane Evacuation Zones, Miami-Dade County, in partnership with Florida International University has created the Storm Surge Simulator which combines historical data and modern day technology to illustrate what storm surge could mean to you and your home.

    Use this tool  to educate yourself, evaluate, prepare, and put a hurricane evacuation plan in place. Simply type in your address and choose the severity of a storm to visualize your potential risk.

    Remember, no two storms are alike. The severity of storm surge depends upon the speed, intensity and size of any given hurricane.

    Knowing your vulnerability and the actions you should take before a hurricane strikes can greatly reduce the effects of a hurricane disaster.